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      Last weekend in Serie A, Juventus drew with Crotone 1-1 away. What needs to be pointed out is that the Bianconeri were lucky to get 1 point. Chiesa, who made his debut in the game, was sent off by a red card. After the game, the Italian media "Gazzetta dello Sport" criticized Pirlo, thinking that his layout in this game was too extreme, and Sleepy had arranged 5 U23 players in the starting lineup. The newspaper considered it too exaggerated and crazy. Up.

      上周末在意甲联赛中,尤文图斯与克罗托内1-1战平。需要指出的是,Bianconeri很幸运获得1分。在游戏中首次亮相的基耶萨(Chiesa)被红牌罚下。比赛结束后,意大利媒体“ Gazzetta dello Sport”批评了皮尔洛,认为他在这场比赛中的布局过于极端,而困倦者在首发阵容中安排了5名U23球员。该报纸认为它过于夸张和疯狂。向上。

      Pirlo has many missions to replace Sarri as the Juventus coach. One of them is to make the lineup younger. Since the new season, Sleepy has indeed done it in this regard, but in the eyes of Italian media, it has done a little too much. In the 1 draw with Crotone, Pirlo let 5 U23 players start the field, namely Portanova and Kulusevsky in 2000, Fraporta in 1999, and 1998. Demiral and Chiesa Junior in 1997, in addition to the starting lineup there is a 23-year-old Bentancur.

      皮尔洛(Pirlo)有许多任务,以取代萨里(Sarri)作为尤文图斯教练。其中之一是使阵容更年轻。自新赛季以来,Sleepy确实在这方面做到了,但在意大利媒体看来,它做得太多了。在与克罗托内的1平局中,皮尔洛让5名U23球员开始参赛,分别是2000年的Portanova和Kulusevsky,1999年的1998年的Fraporta和1998年的Demiral和Chiesa Junior。除了首发阵容外,还有23年的老本坦库尔。

      For Juventus’s starting, Gazzetta dello Sport bluntly said that it was a baby army, saying that the coach Pirlo was too bold in his use of soldiers. One thing is clear, that is, Sleeppi is not afraid of taking risks, but is it courage or madness? The newspaper pointed out that the possibility of madness is greater because he studied under Conte. The current Inter Milan coach has a great influence on him. A large part of the three-back tactical concept is to absorb Conte.


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      Since this month is October, Italian media used the "October Revolution" to describe Pirlo's drastic reform of the lineup. If it weren't for McKenney's infection of the new crown virus, Sleepy Skin might put more young players in the starting lineup. "Gazzetta dello Sport" also pointed out that it is difficult to achieve success in Serie A with such a baby soldier. Since the three-point system entered the era in 1994, no team has ever relied on U23 players to win the Serie A championship. On the contrary, the success of Juventus in the past few years has relied on a bunch of old men, such as Pirlo, Tevez and Ronaldo.

      由于本月是十月,意大利媒体使用“十月革命”来描述皮尔洛对阵容的大刀阔斧的改革。如果不是因为McKenney感染了新的冠状病毒,Sleepy Skin可能会让更多年轻球员加入首发阵容。 《米兰体育报》也指出,要像这样的小兵很难在意甲取得成功。自三分制系统于1994年进入时代以来,没有一支球队依靠U23球员赢得意甲冠军。相反,尤文图斯在过去几年中的成功依赖于许欧洲杯竞猜app,欧洲杯app多老头子,例如皮尔洛,特维斯和罗纳尔多。

      (Over the mountain wind)


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