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        The U.S. government slack in testing when a confirmed case of the new coronavirus appeared in the country, and the science popularization and advice given to the public were not timely.


        Since March, the states have successively issued isolation measures. However strict martial law


        During the epidemic, he frequently made shocking remarks, criticizing other countries, the former president and the CDC. Trump also had to hold a conference call with the governors on the 16th to discuss matters related to lifting the quarantine state.


        As a result of this meeting, the reopened federal guidelines of the United States came out.


        The current outbreak of the new coronavirus in the United States has spread across 50 states.


        Like other countries, the epidemic is more serious in areas with higher population density, convenient transportation, and developed economies.


        The Northeast is the region most affected by the epidemic. The center of the epidemic is New York State, which accounts for more than 30% of all confirmed cases in the United States. As the financial center and largest port of the United States,


        The New York State government’s initial unfavorable response to the epidemic led to widespread spread of the epidemic and panic. There was even a panic buying trend, shortage of supplies, and soaring prices of disinfectants and masks. Fortunately, as New York


        The governor of New York has also been online for a long time in the later period (especially under the background of some peers), adopting a series of measures such as home isolation, procurement of supplies, and maintaining cooperation with neighboring states. In the end, although the situation in New York State deteriorated to a diagnosis of more than 30W,


        New York State is the epitome of the United States. When the epidemic first appeared in the United States, no matter the US government, the media or the public, the understanding of the new crown was not in place. Officials and the media have been slow to recommend wearing masks.


        Georg L?fflmann, an expert on American issues at the University of Warwick, also believes that


        According to the institutional settings, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is responsible for monitoring, statistics, and research on epidemics and is the most important line of defense. However, since 2018, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's funding has been cut, resulting in a gap in jobs. Now the CDC has received a large amount of funding for the pandemic. However, within two weeks, it suddenly changed from not recommending to wearing masks to making masks a necessity. It also makes people wonder whether politics has affected the judgment of experts.


        With politics in charge, confusion of thoughts, and failure of the center, the specific epidemic prevention measures of each state in the United States were finally delegated to each state for decision. This can greatly increase flexibility,


        The epidemic has fermented to this day. The United States has diagnosed a total of 1.21 million cases and nearly 70,000 deaths. The number of new diagnoses per day is still not less than 20,000. It may be a plateau, but the turning point has not yet arrived.


        Not without good news, the United States has a strong purchasing power to buy medical supplies from all over the world.


        As of mid-March, most states have entered a state of emergency, and there are predictions that the United States will lose $1.7 trillion. By the end of March, states with more severe epidemics demanded that people stay at home.


        The quarantine policy has been going on for a month so far. Considering the high overlap between the hardest-hit areas of the epidemic and the strong economic states in the United States, the impact on the U.S. economy may be higher than this estimate.


        Not all companies can work from home. Isolation is a huge blow to catering, tourism, transportation, and already struggling manufacturing. Layoffs and bankruptcies are all visible choices. This will further affect the lives of every American,


        U.S. residents


        Income is declining and the economy is becoming increasingly tight,


        The black community has suffered particularly heavy losses in this epidemic, causing dissatisfaction among many human rights experts.


        Because black communities tend to have lower incomes, poor community services such as hospitals and sanitation conditions, and dense living environments make them more susceptible to infection. Take the city of New Orleans in the southern United States as an example,


        The voices against the blockade are gradually emerging. After all, compared with the invisible and intangible virus, the inconvenience of life and the emergency of deposits are visible to the naked eye.


        In mid-April, there were protests against quarantine in Texas, Maryland, Minnesota and other places. Among them, the anti-quarantine demonstration in Michigan was the most noticeable. Old American irons driving pickups and guns blocked them. Road around the Michigan State House. Interestingly, although these participants are participating in anti-policy demonstrations,


        What's more interesting is that Trump tweeted his support. After all, he is his own fan, and the votes are returned to them.


        I don’t know if it’s a response to supporters or really anxious to restore the economy. Trump was in a conference call with the governor on the 16th.


        The first stage: resuming work in stages based on telecommuting, reducing unnecessary travel, and maintaining social distancing;


        Obviously the pandemic in the United States is not over, and the forms of epidemic prevention faced by states are not the same.


        As soon as the news came out, it caused controversy among experts. Some experts believe that the time for the United States to reopen has not yet arrived. Some experts directly claim that Trump is responsible for the development of the US epidemic.


        There are also big differences in public attitudes. Some Republican supporters have called for the reopening. Polls by the Pew Research Center in the United States show that most people still think it is too early to reopen.

        公众态度也存在很大差异。一些共和党支持者呼吁重新开放。美国皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的民意调查显示,大多数人仍然认为重新开放为时尚早。

        Michigan was hit harder by the epidemic, with deep public grievances, and it was a swing state during the 16th general election. The president tweeted to stand in line and then suggested that early resumption of work would inevitably make people speculate on its motives with the worst malice. Former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke (Beto O'Rourke) gave a sharp evaluation: "The history book will say: In April 2020, the pandemic has claimed the lives of 35,000 people, and the US President incites people. Use AR-15 and AK-47 to bomb the State Capitol."

        流行病给密歇根州带来了沉重打击,公众对此深感不满,在第16届大选中,密歇根州是一个摇摆州。总统在推特上表示一致,然后建议早日恢复工作将不可避免地使人们猜测其恶意最恶劣的动机。得克萨斯州前国会议员贝托·奥罗克(Beto O'Rourke)做出了尖锐的评价:“历史书将说:到2020年4月,大流??行夺走了35,000人的生命,美国总统煽动了人们的生命。使用AR-15和AK-47轰炸州议会大厦。”

        Of course, the incumbent administrative officials, especially the governors of the states, can really decide when these policies will be implemented. The Democratic governor of Virginia directly expressed criticism to the media for the lack of federal guidance and insufficient testing equipment; the Republican governor of Maryland also euphemistically expressed the need to increase testing efforts; the three Republicans of Ohio, Texas and Florida. The governor made it clear that they intend to gradually resume work on May 1 or earlier (restarted in parts of some states).


        The epidemic and the resumption of work seem to be more than just a scientific and economic controversy in the United States, but have become the front line of political struggle. No matter how people choose, there are risks and challenges. I am afraid that the purpose behind it is not only to restore economic operation with minimal losses.


        After all, the new general election is already here.