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    In the weekend game against Manchester City, Bielsa faced a big problem: Who can replace Harrison?


    Limited by Harrison's loan avoidance clause, the hot winger could not represent Leeds United against his home team Manchester City.


    After coming to Leeds on loan in the 18-19 season, Harrison gradually occupied the main position of the left wing with his own efforts and continuous improvement. Since the 23rd round of the English Champions League in December 2018,


    In Bielsa's tactical system, Harrison plays an important role. In the first three games of the Premier League, Harrison's performance was also very eye-catching. The goal in the first round was Leeds United's first Premier League goal after 5976 days.


    In the second round, he received a goal kick from goalkeeper Melier and astutely passed it to St. Patrick Bamford, who rushed all the way to Costa to complete the team's fourth goal.

    在第二轮比赛中,他从门将梅利埃(Melier)获得一个进球,并将球灵传递??给了圣帕特里克·班福德(St. Patrick Bamford),后者一路冲向科斯塔(Costa),完成了球队的第四个进球。

    Harrison made a great contribution to both offense and defense in the tough game of 1-0 victory over Shelby United in the last round. We can not only see his key interception in our penalty area, but also in the final moments of the game


    Regarding Harrison’s replacement candidates, there are two on paper: Alioski and Poveda.


    It has to be said that Alioschi's position in Leeds is becoming more and more marginal: the left back can't compete with Dallas, and the left forward can't shake the position of Harrison. The performance of the veteran driver on the field gives people the feeling that it is more brave than meticulous. Although he can often hit the world, his personality is also very pleasing. But if you just look at the personal hard power, there is indeed a gap with the first-class players. Bielsa made him a generalist on the left, the side effect was

    必须说,阿里奥斯基在利兹的位置越来越边缘化:左后卫无法与达拉斯竞争,左前卫无法撼动哈里森的位置。这位经验丰富的车手在赛场上的表现给人的感觉是,它比一丝不苟更勇敢。尽管他经常出人头地,但他的性格也非常令人愉悦。但是,如果只看个人的硬实力,那么与一流球员的确存在差距。 Bielsa让他在左边成为多面手,副作用是

    In the last game against Sheffield United, Poveda replaced Costa in the 66th minute and completed the Premier League debut. The teenager was still on the court as usual and he was very stealing. But Poveda only appears as a right winger, and his contribution to defense is quite limited. This means that if Bielsa boldly uses Poveda as a starter, Costa can only play on the left. Therefore, Leeds United's true right winger Allyn had to be distracted to do defensive work...


    First of all, again,


    Through the pass route map, you can feel the position and pass route of Leeds United in the previous 2 rounds of the league (the size of the circle indicates the number of touches)


    (Third round: Sheffield United 0-1 Leeds United Passing Route Map)


    (The second round Leeds United 4-3 Fulham pass route map)


    Bielsa’s Leeds United’s position arrangement on the field and the positional relationship between the players are determined by one by one


    In other positions, Rodrigo and Roberts played halftime each and Roberts started. The whole game maintained a four-back position, as in the first game against Liverpool, sealing the offensive attributes of Dallas. The site map is as follows:


    (Regular formation: 4-1-4-1)


    In the weekend game, Leeds United appeared on the starting list on the 10th, which seems to be the safest approach at present.

    在周末的比赛中,利兹联队(Leeds United)出现在第10位的首发名单上,这似乎是目前最安全的方法。

    Of course, it is not ruled out that Bielsa boldly arranged Poveda to start, while pushing Costa to the right. This is also a tactical arrangement to seal Dallas offense, so I won't repeat it.


    Alioski replaced Harrison, Rodrigo and Roberts each played halftime and Rodrigo started.


    (3-1-3-3 enhanced version)


    In the crazy game that beat Birmingham 5-4 last season, Bielsa arranged this way.


    The awkward prerequisites for this formation and position are:


    1. Rodrigo has to play the left wing position because Costa is more effective on the right than on the left


    2. Dallas has to go to the right midfielder position, because Alioski will not play the right




    Of course, the benefits of this arrangement are also obvious. Dallas and Aylin work together to fight Mendy, the former disciple of Bielsa. Another 3-4 is not a dream! (Meliyah silently clicks to report)

    当然,这种安排的好处也是显而易见的。达拉斯和艾琳(Aylin)携手抗击比尔萨(Bielsa)的前门徒门迪(Mendy)。另外3-4不是梦! (Meliyah默默点击报告)

    This should be the most exciting start for fans. It is possible to see 80M pounds of investment products appearing in the starting lineup together, and the German international + Spain international to assist the defense of the Scotland international and the North Patriotic. This will definitely become the most attractive scene for Leeds United in the future.


    The starting lineup is shown in the figure:


    (80 million array-initial form)


    (80 Million Array-Offensive Form)


    Of course, please keep in mind a clear side effect of this assumption: the principle of 100% bonus points for new aid. So we must accept a 0-1 start game.


    Such as Shackleton or Gerhardt.


    I believe that Bielsa at this moment is frantically deducing the occurrence of various possibilities and making the most appropriate arrangements he thinks. The above assumes that we have achieved the third layer of Bielsa's tactical deconstruction. Of course, you think you are on the third floor, but Bielsa is already on the fifth floor!


    Can't wait to see the wonderful duel of the two tactical masters!


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