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      In the context of the game system, the first stage of the Chinese Super League clubs’ record is cleared. As long as the second stage shows a brilliant performance in the key game, even if they only win the next game, they can complete the relegation, and the championship requires Win at least 3 games because there are 3 opponents on the road to the championship and 6 rounds of matches. For this phenomenon, Tianjin TEDA is one of the beneficiaries, because TEDA’s record in the first stage is the worst in the Super League, with only 3 draws and 11 losses in the 14 rounds, with only 3 points, refreshing the Chinese Super League opening season. The shame of the tragic record also created the worst start record in the history of TEDA.



      In the second stage, Tianjin TEDA planned to relegation early, forgetting the troubles of the first stage. In September, Tianjin TEDA fished 3 "big fish" in succession, and successively introduced Lima, Ahmedov, and Ticino-Suarez 3 major foreign aids. In terms of domestic aid, TEDA rented a young international player from Shanghai Shenhua. Defender Jiang Shenglong, the lineup has been replaced by the third line, the overall strength is still reborn, and the strength is significantly improved compared to the first stage.

      在第二阶段,天津开发区计划提早降级,而忘记了第一阶段的麻烦。 9月,天津开发区相继捕捞了3条“大鱼”,并相继引进了利马,艾哈迈多夫和提契诺-苏亚雷斯3种主要外援。在家庭援助方面,泰达从上海申花租借了一名年轻的国际球员。后卫姜胜龙,阵容已被三号线所取代,整体实力仍在重生,与第一阶段相比实力明显提高。


      On October 9, Ticino Suarez completed the isolation and officially joined the team. On October 10, Suarez completed the first training. Sports reporter Liu Xin said that Ticino Suarez’s first training state was amazing, whether it was shooting. The running is very good, and at the same time his heading ability is impressive and his overall state is bursting. On the evening of October 11th, Tianjin TEda and Shandong Luneng completed a closed warm-up match. In the end, although Tianjin TEda lost to Shandong Luneng 2-5, it was a shame, that is, the shame of weak striker. Both goals were lost. It was scored by a striker.

      10月9日,提契诺·苏亚雷斯(Ticino Suarez)完成了隔离,并正式加入了队伍。 10月10日,苏亚雷斯完成了第一次培训。体育记者刘欣说,提契诺州苏亚雷斯的第一个训练状态令人惊讶,无论它是射击。奔跑非常好,同时他的驶向能力令人印象深刻,并且他的整体状态正在爆发。 10月11日晚上,天津泰达和山东鲁能完成了一场封闭的热身赛。最后,尽管天津泰达以2-5输给山东鲁能,但这是一种耻辱,即前锋软弱的耻辱。两个目标都丢失了。它被前锋得分。


      As a traditional powerhouse that won the Chinese Super League runner-up in 2010 and the FA Cup in 2011, Tianjin TEDA has completed a bottoming out. The team's second-stage relegation battle first has sufficient protection on the front line. "Fish" Suarez scored a goal in his first show, and Lima also scored. According to the current staffing, the starting 4 foreign aids of Tianjin TEDA in the second stage of the match are basically determined to be Achim Peng, Tikino Suarez, Ahmedov, Bastians, and Lima will enter the bench.

      作为在2010年获得中国超级联赛亚军和2011年足总杯冠军的传统强国,天津泰达已经完成了一项触底反弹。球队的第二阶段保级战首先在前线有足够的保护。 “鱼”苏亚雷斯在他的第一场比赛中进球,利马也进球。根据目前的人员配置,比赛第二阶段天津泰达的前四名外援基本上确定为阿奇姆·彭,蒂基诺·苏亚雷斯,艾哈迈多夫,巴斯蒂安和利马欧洲杯竞猜app,欧洲杯app。


      Judging from the team’s performance after the coaching change, Wang Baoshan did not actually bring substantial changes to the team. The defense problem has not been resolved. In the first stage, he averaged 30 goals per game, which was the worst defense in the Super League. The team, now Zhan Luneng conceded 5 goals in one breath, completely reflecting that the team's tactics did not allow the defense to form a whole. This huge loophole may become a stumbling block on the road to relegation. According to the schedule, Tianjin Teda’s opponent in the first round of relegation It is Shenzhen Kaisa with a luxurious lineup. The game time is October 16th and 21st. The schedule is relatively loose. Taking into account the luxurious configuration of the offensive end of the deep foot, TEDA's defense will be more fortunate and the striker will be favored. The so-called narrow road meets the brave to win, Tianjin TEDA wants to relegation early in the first round, need to come up with the tenacious side of the Super League for 16 years!


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